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Funding initiatives to strengthen remembrance and to enhance civic participation at EU level
Strand 2 Measure 2.1 'Town Twinning' (deadline 1st March 2018)
Debating Xenia                                                                              

The European Commission has approved for financing the project "Debating Xenìa" (as 1st among 137 approved) which has been presented in 2017 by Comune di Montescudaio as a part of the "Europe for Citizens Programme, Strand 2.1 - Town twinning" Selection Round 1.

Our project starts from revisiting the ancient concept of hospitality (the greek ξενία, Xenìa ) in order to create a counter-narrative for fostering intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

The ancient Greeks considered Xenìa as a behavioral code derived from the gods. We believe that this concept is very fruitful for spreading the importance of hospitality as opposed to hostility, which nowadays seems to be a peculiar attitude against migrant people. The Greeks were aware that their civilization began and developed from former migrations; so they choose to preserve preexisting ethnic backgrounds. Even now, the European Union is composed by different people who contribute to enrich the European culture thanks to their different cultures ("united by diversity"). As a matter of fact, both for the Greeks and the EU, diversity is an "added value" which needs to be preserved and fostered. Due to this awareness, it will be easier to understand migrants’ cultures as a value and as not a threat.

The project uses Xenìa as a tool for comparing positions/opinions about migration in the past and at present time. Hospitality, its actual concept, will be analyzed with the eyes of different EU cities/towns, examining the EU policy on migration either at national either at municipal level. The final event in Montescudaio will represent an opportunity to share opinions about differences and similarities in terms of hospitality and to widen the acceptance of hospitality as a useful approach towards migrants. So, the project has a double goal: to improve knowledge and acceptance of the foreign person, the stranger, the migrant and amending oru awareness of being european citizens

Throughout the implementation of the project, a documentary will be made in order to report on existing feelings towards "the stranger". This documentary will represent also an opportunity to show the capacity of the project in changing participants’perspectives. The aim of the project is just the realization of this shift in approaching, which will also affect the whole society of the four involved partners.

Finally, the creation of a website and another common event, where the documentary will be shown in the four main squares of the towns, will be a useful contribution to a new circulation of the idea of Xenìa.. 



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